Guided Tours: EuroLeague Final Four 2023 in Lithuania

Basketball falling through a hoop during EuroLeague Final Four Basketball Game in Kaunas, Lithuania 2023.

EuroLeague Final Four 2023 in Kaunas, Lithuania

It’s that time of the year again! Four best teams – Olympiacos, AS Monaco, Barcelona and Real Madrid are set to face each other for the title of the Champion of EuroLeague. Final Four games are scheduled to be played at the Žalgiris Arena in Kaunas, Lithuania on 19–21 May 2023.

Guided Tours for Basketball Fans during EuroLeague Final Four 2023

As all Lithuanians, we totally love basketball! There is nothing better than watching a good game live with incredible local fans. We believe that anyone who wants to explore Lithuania, should recognize the significance of basketball in Lithuania and, particularly, in Kaunas. But in addition to basketball, Lithuania is proud of its remarkable history, stunning architecture and preserved folklore that are guaranteed to be of interest to curious travellers. As such, we would advise visitors to use their free time in between the Final Four games to explore the city beyond Žalgiris arena.

Here’s how basketball enthusiasts can spend their leisure time in and around Kaunas:

Basketball ball and shoes on the outdoors basketball court in Kaunas, Lithuania.

The Beginnings of Basketball Legends

Guided Walking Tour

Available on Request

Take a basketball-themed walking tour and learn about the streets of Žaliakalnis and other districts, where the legendary Lithuanian basketball players were born and trained. We propose walking tours in Kaunas that focus on the city’s basketball history, including stops at important landmarks and sites related to basketball history.

Distance: 3-6km walk

Duration: 3h

Tour language: English

Vilnius old town in Lithuania with classical Baroque buildings.

Vilnius Old Town & Stars and Legends Bar

Guided Tour

Available on Request

Spend half a day in Vilnius Old Town – famous for its Baroque monuments, 43 churches and the history of Lithuanian Jews (Litvaks). Enjoy food and beer in the iconic Stars and Legends bar owned by one of the ever greatest Lithuanian basketball players Šarūnas  Marčiulionis. It will take over an hour to go to Vilnius Kaunas and back.

Distance: 200km (transportation included)

Duration: 6h+

Tour language: English

Trakai Island Castle on Galvė lake in Lithuania.

Water Adventures & Karaim Culture in Trakai

Guided Tour

Available on Request

Enjoy a Karaim style lunch with medieval twist in Trakai Historical National Park. Trakai is a small town famous for its medieval defensive castle situated on an island in the middle of natural Galvė lake. This refreshing excursion will only take a few hours if starting from Kaunas. In addition to Karaim speciality food kybyn and the castle museum you can enjoy sailing, pedalling and other water activities. 

Distance: 170km (transportation included)

Duration: 5h+

Tour language: English

Basketball ball in outdoors court.

Private Joniškis Basketball Museum & Hill of Crosses

Guided Tour

Available on Request

Visit private Joniškis Basketball Museum dedicated to the local and worldwide history of basketball. On the way to Joniškis there are at least two inescapable stops: Hill of Crosses and the Kėdainiai Old Town. How are they related to basketball? Hill of Crosses is an UNESCO protected cultural fenomena, which reminds how devoted Lithuanians can be to faith – this is necessary for the local basketball fans. Kėdainiai were once ruled by the Radziwill, Lithuanian noblemen, who were known for their bravery and strategic thinking, which may explain the origin of our basketball players genes.

Distance: 370km (transportation included)

Duration: 10h

Tour language: English

Kaunas Old Town in Lithuania.

Kaunas Old Town & Lithuanian Sport Museum

Guided Walking Tour

Available on Request

Have a walking tour in Kaunas Old town with a quick look at the Lithuanian Sport museum. Kaunas is a remarkable town, known not only for its basketball history alone but also for its exceptional geographical surroundings, medieval architecture and trading. Not to mention the Napoleon’s army, the Great Interwar period and, of course, the iconic basketball stars born here. 

Distance: 3-6km walk

Duration: 3h+

Tour language: English

Beer glass in a bar in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Bar Tour

Guided Tour

Available on Request

Have a bar tour, visiting some of the best known as well as hidden bars in Kaunas and hear the most unique local stories. You will probably find someone who went to the same school, lived in the same block or played street basketball with one of today’s basketball stars. Or perhaps you would rather hear the memories of locals about how basketball victories were celebrated in Kaunas. Don’t forget to ask for the funniest stories about the most memorable basketball characters who became the national folklore, such as: Šarūnas Jasikevičius (Šaras), twin brothers (Lavrinovičiai), Arvydas Sabonis (Sabas), massage therapist Juozukas, legendary coach Garastas and many others.

Distance: Various

Duration: Various

Tour language: English

Official EuroLeague Video About Final Four 2023 in Kaunas, Lithuania

Frequently Asked Questions

When will EuroLeague Final Four 2023 games be played?

The semifinals are scheduled for 19 May 2023, with two games occurring consequentially. The first one, between Olympiacos and AS Monaco will start at 18:00. The second semifinal, between Barcelona and Real Madrid is scheduled for 21:00.

The finals will take place on 21 May 2023, with the first game between the losers of each semifinal game will start at 17:00. The second and final game between the winners of each semifinal is scheduled to begin at 20:00.

Where will EuroLeague Final Four 2023 games be played?

All four games will be played at Kaunas Žalgiris arena.

How to reach Kaunas Žalgiris arena?

According to Kaunas Žalgiris Arena website, during big events the parking lot next to the Žalgiris Arena is reserved only for accredited transportation and those who have pre-purchased parking passes. During such events, the taxis aren’t allowed to enter Žalgiris Arena parking lot either.

For EuroLeague’s Final Four games, public transportation is your best option. The Žalgiris Arena is located within 10-15 minute walking distance from Gedimino St., Studentų Skveras or Griunvaldo St. stops.

If you have any questions or require assistance with transportation arrangements, please Contact Us.

Where can I buy tickets to EuroLeague Final Four 2023 games?

Officially all the tickets have been sold out ages ago, however, if you’re looking for a last minute ticket, Contact Us and we’ll see if we can find anyone willing to part with their ticket!

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