Independent guide and tour leader in the Baltic countries. Priit combines guiding with work at the embassy in Talinn and an academic career in historical sciences. Having lived in Greece and France, today he mostly travels around the Baltic countries and in Europe with groups.

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Baltic pagan symbols (the tree of life, the sun and others) on traditional wooden tools and decorations. © Egle Gal/Baltic Gently

5 Popular Baltic Pagan Symbols and Their Meanings Explained

Baltic Culture

Some of the most interesting and popular Baltic pagan symbols include the Sun, the Grass Snake, the Little Horses, the Thunder Cross and the World Tree. Each of these ancient symbols represents various aspects of Baltic culture and beliefs, such as fertility, life circle, connection to nature and spirituality.
Lithuanian lakes, surrounded by large forests, as seen from the sky.

12 Most Beautiful Lakes in Lithuania in 2023


12 Most Beautiful Lakes in Lithuania in 2023. Tauragnas · Baluošas · Alaušas · Žuvintas · Ilgis · Dusia · Plateliai · Drūkščiai · Galvė · Sartai · Asveja · Green Lakes

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