Hi, we’re Baltic Gently!

Lithuanians celebrating traditional Midsummer Day Festival (Joninės) in Vilnius, Lithuania

A Tour Operator in and around the Baltic States

Personalised tours.

Personalised Tours

Our tour architects are looking forward to making your dreams come true.

From slow and relaxing to fast-paced and adventurous, we will design the entire holiday around your requirements and interests.

You can pick and match any of our pre-made tours, have them adapted to your own individual preferences or ask us to create something completely unique!

Sustainable travel.

Sustainable Travel

At Baltic Gently, we strive to create travel experiences, that are not only fulfilling and exciting to you, but also benefit the places you visit, the people you meet and the wildlife you encounter.

All our tours are designed to minimise our impact on the environment and we offer a variety of completely carbon neutral slow travel tour options for travellers who want to a step further.

Connections with local communities icon.

Connections with Local Communities

When we travel, we want to feel as guests, not intruders, or even worse – abusers. We believe that it is important to connect and give back to the local communities we visit.

That’s why, whenever possible, we offer small, tailor-made tours that benefit the local communities. We employ local people and use locally made goods and services, ensuring that travel experiences benefit everyone.

Accessible Travel.

Accessible Travel

In a world, where everything is possible, we believe that there should be no barriers to enjoying travel.

No matter what your accessibility needs are, our team will do everything we can to ensure you experience the Baltic States to their fullest!

Mainstream Tourism is a Letdown

Back in 2010, I was subcontracted by a massive overseas tour operator as a personal tour guide for their client’s visit to Lithuania. The client’s name was Irene and the sole reason for her trip was to visit the birthplace of her great-grandparents – a tiny village in the heart of Lithuania.

However, the itinerary, sent over by that massive tour operator, had no mention of it! Furthermore, it was so jam-packed with common sights and activities already pre-booked for her, that the only choice left to us was to either follow the itinerary to the letter or abandon it completely and fulfil Irene’s wishes.

After failing to receive any response from the tour operator, besides the generic “we’ll look into it”, the time was running out and I had to make a choice.

In the end, Irene left Lithuania with her wish fulfilled. Unfortunately, she never received a refund for the bookings she didn’t ask for. Nor did I get paid for going out of my way to ensure that the client’s vision was fulfilled.

And that was the moment when I knew that everyone deserves better travel experience.

Traditional Lithuanian sauna with lake Tauragnas visible through a window.

Introducing Baltic Gently – Tour Operator with a Gentle Touch

Tour consultations icon.

We Take the Time to Understand You

We begin by listening to you. Your desires, dreams, expectations, worries, budget and anything else you want to share. Your dedicated tour manager needs to get to know you and your dreams before creating a custom-tailored travel plan just for you.

personalised tour itinerary icon.

We Create a Personalised Travel Plan Just for You

Once we understand the motivation behind your trip, we proceed to create a custom-made itinerary just for you. It can cover only a single experience, a few hours here and there or be a week-long detailed program with your personal tour guide accompanying you every step of the way. It all depends on you!

Assistance with tour preparations.

We Help You Prepare

We’re experts on the experiences we offer. As you start preparing for your journey, you can rely on your dedicated tour manager to provide advice and make any last minute changes or arrangements you might require!

Support throughout the tour.

We Support You Throughout Your Trip

If anything goes wrong – you can call us day or night and we’ll do everything we can to help. 

Our Team

We believe that travel experiences should be more than just mass-produced fleeting distractions. Carefully handcrafted tours have the power to change the way we look at the world.

All our guides had extensive experience working with some of the biggest names in the travel industry. But in the end, we chose to leave that behind and focus on sustainable handcrafted tours that are tailored for each and every customer’s interests and preferences.